Monday, January 28, 2013

Buttermilk Biscuits

I love Sunday Suppers.  
It is such a fun time for family to eat together, and enjoy each other's company.
Last night, I decided to make homemade buttermilk biscuits.
It has been a while since I've done this (think really messy kitchen).
But, my family LOVES buttermilk biscuits.
Really, who doesn't?
Does your family enjoy Sunday Supper together?
If so, what is your favorite thing to make?

A few pics to show you the process...

Isn't this the cutest biscuit cutter?  
I found it thrifting in Asheville.
And I love this flour sifter.  
Found it at an estate sale.

Right out of the oven.
Dreamy, right?

As much as I love biscuits right out of the oven,
my favorite time to eat a biscuit is the day after making them.
Toasted.  With butter.  And blackberry jam.
As a child, my sweet Mama would make these for me for breakfast.
I remember she would always make scrambled eggs to go with the biscuits.
What a terrific memory for me.

The following is a picture of my breakfast this morning:)
Wishing I could share with you, Mama!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Breakfast

Baked oatmeal is so yummy!  
I love starting my day with something warm and healthy!
Mr. Tidy and I added pears, apples, cinnamon, and walnuts to our oatmeal.
And, a little bit of almond milk makes it so creamy.
Wishing you all a wonderful warm and cozy day:)

The turquoise bowl and milk glass cup were thrifted in awesome Asheville, NC!
(My favorite place to visit)

Friday, January 25, 2013

creating in the kitchen

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have 
enjoyed cooking (and eating) during the month of January.
During January, I usually spend a lot of time in my art studio.
This year, I have done very little painting, 
but instead a whole lot of cooking!
Being creative helps pass the time during this dreary month.
Is it spring yet?

These are a few of my pics from my Instagram account.
To see more, click here.

Friday Frugal Find...
And since it's Friday, I thought I would include one of my favorite frugal finds...
Found these cute shoes at the thrift store for $4!
Love that buckle:)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We had a little snow last week...Yippee!
These are a few pics I snapped while walking around my yard.

This is a bike basket filled with greenery and holly berries.

Mr. Tidy built a purple wood shed for us:)
It's so pretty with snow on top.

Cute little icy bowl that sits on my potting bench.
(I found it for 25 cent at an estate sale)

I also did a little thrifting over the weekend.
I'll give you a sneak peek of what I found.
(You can see many more little treasures soon!)

Found this cute green and white polka dot skirt for less than $5!

I found this little bowl, and it was just perfect for the soup I made today.

Meatball and tortellini soup:)

Well, this has nothing to do with thrifting,
but I thought I'd end this post with something really yummy...

Mr. Tidy will be so happy tonight;)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rain, rain, go away...

Well, I wasn't very productive in the studio this weekend.  
Instead, I had fun being creative in the kitchen.
I made a really yummy breakfast for Mr. Tidy on Sunday...
 oven baked apple pies.
I also made ambrosia, too.  YUM!
After breakfast, we had a lot of fun attempting to do yoga.
Hope your weekend was sweet!

I found this cute coffee cup and saucer at the thrift store.
It makes the coffee taste extra special;)

It is raining like crazy today. 
Totally wishing the sun would come out:)
rain, rain, go away...
(Thrifted boots and mirror)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Life Lately

 I have finally been able to enjoy a little studio time.  
I am currently working on the below paintings...
Looks like rain for the weekend,
so maybe I'll be able to finish one or all of them:)

(this is a painting of a dream I had a while back)

I'll post them as soon as I'm finished...hopefully soon:)


Frugal Find Update...
I found this cute table at the thrift store for $13!
It's perfect for my back porch.

I'm thinking in the spring it will hold pretty flowers, 
or maybe I can use it to hold food and drinks for a back porch party.
The possibilities are endless:)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

We are all making wishes today.
Wishing for peace.
Wishing for prosperity.
Wishing for good health.
Wishing for love.
Many of us will make resolutions today.
And many of us (including me) will break them.
But, here are a few of mine.
I thought if I included them on this blog, then, maybe I will actually follow through with them!

My wishes for 2013...

*To get my photography and art print shop up and running...coming soon!

*To try something new...self portrait photography.  
This is something that I am very uncomfortable doing, 
but I think it would be fun to try!

*To walk out to my studio, and actually paint!  It has been a while.

*To thrift store shop (I love doing this, and know I can keep this one!)

*To make a magazine or book of my photography.

*To help others more.

*To educate others about Interstitial Cystitis.
This is a condition that I have, 
and I will finally step out of my comfort zone and talk about it.

I'd love to feature a home and garden tour of our place.
We've been doing some simple renovating the last few years...
maybe it would give you some ideas for your home:)

*To eat healthy.  To exercise.  To juice more.
Don't we all have these on our list?

*To spend more quality time with my family and friends.
(I think we all have this one on our list, too.)

Happy New Year Everyone! 
I hope 2013 is awesome for you!