Friday, March 29, 2013

time for tulips

This past week has been our spring break.  
It rained, it snowed, and it was cold.
We did have a few days of sunshine, so that made it a little better.
The feisty juniors and I have cleaned out closets, painted walls, thrift shopped, 
cooked meals together, and today we will be baking cupcakes.

While running errands yesterday, I picked up some pretty pink tulips.
One little thing I like to do for myself is buy fresh flowers.  
For around $5, I can have beautiful flowers that will last a week, sometimes two.
Flowers just make me happy!

These tulips were just too pretty not to photograph.
I wanted to do something different, not just place them in a vase.
So instead, I placed them on top of the woodpile 
and inside a rusty wheelbarrow.
I also placed them on my barn wood table next to something really adorable...
milk glass!
My sister-in-law just sent me the cutest milk glass container.
She found it while thrifting and thought I would like it...I LOVE it!!!
Thank you for thinking of me:)
I guess the milk glass container she found will be the Friday Frugal Find this week!
Don't you just love a bargain...especially an adorable one like she found?
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Friday, March 22, 2013

the fun has begun

Spring cleaning time is here!
Although it definitely does not feel like spring, 
I'm going to pretend it's warm and start the cleaning process.
Cleaning may be a little more fun this year using this vintage dustpan...we'll see:)
.75 cents!
Yesterday, before all this fun cleaning began, I had a great day with my friend Yvette.  
We thrifted most of the day and found some really cute stuff!
Below you can see some of my goodies.
And it's perfect timing, too.
It's time for Friday Frugal Finds!

Lately, I'm having a teeny tiny infatuation with these vintage hand towels.
I found the green and blue one yesterday.

Loving this flower frog.  Right now I plan on using it to display 
my wheelbarrow photo, but I could always use it for a flower arrangement later.

I found this gray and white speckled oven pan.  
I figured I could use it for a tray or possibly a backdrop for pictures.
This is not really what I had in mind for the backdrop, 
but I kinda like the photograph!
And how could you not like the ranunculus?  
Such a beautiful flower.
the pink McCoy vase was a $5 find a few years ago:)

I still have a few more frugal finds to share with you.
Tune in soon to see!
Off to clean!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

stop and smell

I so love ranunculus flowers.
They are soft and delicate and elegant.
They astound me with their beauty.
Lately, life has been so busy.
I haven't taken time to stop and smell the flowers.
When I brought these beauties home from the store,
I realized I needed to pause and appreciate the loveliness of nature.
Thank you sweet flowers for making me slow down and stop and smell
and reflect on the beauty found in everyday life.
(vintage jelly jar thrifted for .49 cents)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Weekend!

It's time for Friday Frugal Finds!!
I had a little free time yesterday. 
And you know where I ended up ~ the thrift store!
I came home with the goodies below...

My favorite bargain is this Chevron pattern afghan.
I just love the yellow and white.
It's perfect for spring, and it looks awesome
with the purple pansies I planted earlier in the week.
Love complementary colors.
And I love that it was only $3!

This milk glass compote dish is now holding soap in the bathroom.
Dish = $3

I love copper molds.  They remind me of my grandmother.
I'm thinking this spring I may hang a few in my garden.
For now, this cute one is hanging on my kitchen bookcase.
Copper Mold = $1

This little pillow looks right at home on my studio turquoise chair.
Pillow = $1

Total for the day...$8.00!!  Gotta love bargains!
Happy Weekend...go quickly to your local thrift store and come home happy:)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

feisty's favorite kind of day

Hi there!  
Woo hoo!! I'm back! I'm finally feeling better!
Yesterday was one of my favorite kind of days.
I made a pot of cheesy broccoli soup,
and I bought some jellybeans and pansies (great combo, right)?
(Instagram pic of my lunch)
If you would like to see more of my Instagram pics, just click here!

While I was out, I also picked up some inspiration for some spring painting.
I really love paint chips, too:)
Aren't those colors so fun?

**It was warm enough for sandals**
Happiness is...
dirty garden boots
 muddy garden gloves
and planters full of spring-time color!
The birds were chirping,
I was covered in dirt, and life was just good!

Friday, March 8, 2013

slowly but surely

I'll admit it, I've not been so feisty lately.
I have been a little under the weather with a nasty cough
and it has totally exhausted me!
I know I promised (on Facebook a few weeks ago) a studio tour...
I'm working on it:)
I had a burst of energy Tuesday morning and was able to work in the studio a little, 
but by the afternoon I was so tired again.
And yesterday, I was in bed almost all day!  
I'm feeling better today, so hopefully I'm on the mend!
Sorry for the lack of posts.
Hoping that I'll be back to posting regularly soon!
Slowly but surely, I'll get there!


It's Friday, so that means it's time for Frugal Finds!
I found this cute bench at an estate sale, and
recovered it with green houndstooth fabric.
And the suitcase was at the thrift store for $4.
It's in my studio now, but I'm thinking it may look cute in the bedroom.
Happy Weekend Everyone!

I guess it's obvious this picture was taken in my studio...
not all the rooms in our house have glitter on the floor:)

Monday, March 4, 2013


I love weekends.
I love to get up early and make a cup of coffee,
head out to my studio, and well, just dream.
It's my time of the week when it's quiet and I can be alone with my thoughts.
Sometimes on the weekend, I'll have breakfast in my studio.  
Yesterday, I made a skillet potato dish...pretty good!

 The first daffodil of the season bloomed this week.
I quickly brought it to my studio to admire it's beauty:)
I'm so ready for spring-time beautiful colors and warmer weather!
This weekend I made some plans for my garden.
I am so ready to plant,
and make some new decor for the garden.
(think brightly painted frames and shelves)
Can't wait!

Friday, March 1, 2013

dreaming of spring

This time of year my mind starts drifting outside.
I can't wait to work in my yard, cleaning and planting flower beds, 
dreaming of what my garden will look like this year.
Each day there is a new surprise to see...
a daffodil blooming, 
a perennial peeking through the dirt,
a sweet bird singing a spring melody.
Thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite 
spring pictures I have taken the past few years.

The daffodils always show up first!
Mine just started blooming this week.
 Then the hostas start stretching to the sun!
 Bleeding heart plants are always stunning in the garden!
I can't wait to see all of the spring-time beauty this year.  
You can count on me photographing it and sharing it right here:)


It's time for Friday Frugal Finds!
I found these cute little buttons for .49,
the Pyrex butter dish for $1,
and that adorable butterfly tablecloth for $1! 
I just love how it all looks together...very springy!
AND I found this quilt for $6!!!
It's perfect for having on my back porch on these chilly days.
 love the patterns!
Have a great weekend, everyone!