Thursday, February 21, 2013

embracing the gray

I am trying to patiently wait for spring.
It really can't come soon enough for me.
These February days can be so gray and dreary.
But I am trying to embrace them.

 I normally photograph vibrant colors.
But lately, I have been drawn to very subtle ones.
This is new for me,
but I'm finding this gray palette very inspiring.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
A few of them are from my instagram.
Click here to see more:)
gray patterns on the patio
I bought a few plants the other day to tide me over until spring.
The much needed greenery has lifted my spirits during these gray days.
(thrifted muffin tin, linens, and table)
Last summer at the beach,  I enjoyed collecting these tiny purple shells.
I love how they look in this pewter bowl on this very old table.
(bowl and table thrifted)
What color are you embracing?