Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Weekend!

It's time for Friday Frugal Finds!!
I had a little free time yesterday. 
And you know where I ended up ~ the thrift store!
I came home with the goodies below...

My favorite bargain is this Chevron pattern afghan.
I just love the yellow and white.
It's perfect for spring, and it looks awesome
with the purple pansies I planted earlier in the week.
Love complementary colors.
And I love that it was only $3!

This milk glass compote dish is now holding soap in the bathroom.
Dish = $3

I love copper molds.  They remind me of my grandmother.
I'm thinking this spring I may hang a few in my garden.
For now, this cute one is hanging on my kitchen bookcase.
Copper Mold = $1

This little pillow looks right at home on my studio turquoise chair.
Pillow = $1

Total for the day...$8.00!!  Gotta love bargains!
Happy Weekend...go quickly to your local thrift store and come home happy:)