Friday, March 22, 2013

the fun has begun

Spring cleaning time is here!
Although it definitely does not feel like spring, 
I'm going to pretend it's warm and start the cleaning process.
Cleaning may be a little more fun this year using this vintage dustpan...we'll see:)
.75 cents!
Yesterday, before all this fun cleaning began, I had a great day with my friend Yvette.  
We thrifted most of the day and found some really cute stuff!
Below you can see some of my goodies.
And it's perfect timing, too.
It's time for Friday Frugal Finds!

Lately, I'm having a teeny tiny infatuation with these vintage hand towels.
I found the green and blue one yesterday.

Loving this flower frog.  Right now I plan on using it to display 
my wheelbarrow photo, but I could always use it for a flower arrangement later.

I found this gray and white speckled oven pan.  
I figured I could use it for a tray or possibly a backdrop for pictures.
This is not really what I had in mind for the backdrop, 
but I kinda like the photograph!
And how could you not like the ranunculus?  
Such a beautiful flower.
the pink McCoy vase was a $5 find a few years ago:)

I still have a few more frugal finds to share with you.
Tune in soon to see!
Off to clean!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!