Thursday, June 13, 2013

frames and flowers

 So happy to have pretty hydrangeas blooming in my garden this year.  
They will forever remind me of my sweet Mimi.  
She always had the most beautiful blue and purple ones growing in her garden.  
A few years ago I blogged about how hydrangeas remind me of Mimi.
You can read that post here.

This year I have lavender, pink, and blue blooms.
 I brought a few blooms into my art studio, 
and they looked extra special next to this delicate frame.
I just love these little gold frames.
They are very inexpensive at the thrift store, 
and are so cute when you slip a pretty photo in them.
Sometimes I even use them for gifts.
And, of course, they are always fun to use for a photo prop:)
Lately, life has been busy (isn't it always), but it's so nice to slow down
 and enjoy all of God's beauty in the garden.
Would love to know what you're growing and enjoying!