Sunday, September 1, 2013


These are the last of our pics from our vacation...
Hope you have enjoyed them.  We ended our trip in Nice, France.
We arrived in Nice, and immediately went to the Matisse Museum.
We only had a day and a half, and I wanted to make the most of it!
What a pretty museum!

We visited Arenes de Cimiez.

We ate dinner on the beach that first night.
This was our view...

Another terrific market...

Such pretty squash blossoms...

love these metal pans...

This place was really cool...
Ascenseur du Château...

The view from the top!
always taking pictures...always!

What the streets were like on top of Ascenseur du Château...

Can you spot the bird?

Beautiful rocky beach...
In the water!

Lunch our last day was the freshest tuna nicoise!
Getting home was a little difficult for me.
This is what I look like after being up for 30 something hours:)
Looking just lovely in the airport:)

Our feet walked so many different places on this trip.
We experienced so many wonderful things.  
 We feel so very blessed that we were able to go on this trip.
And we're very grateful to our parents who took such terrific care
of our kiddos and doggie while we were gone.
We love you all so much!
And Mr. Tidy...I can't wait for the next 20 years!
Love you!