Monday, September 9, 2013

feisty collects

Lately, I have been in cleaning mode around here.
One day I spent three hours cleaning out my closet.  
Yes, three hours to clean, organize, and get things ready to donate.
Let's face it, the 40's can be unkind. 
Besides bunions and chin hairs, there's this...
when you realize that you are never going to get back in those 
jeans that you've been saving for like ever!  
I kept the jeans and donated the other stuff. 
 Hey, a girl can dream.

So, I intended this post to be about collecting and not about chin hairs.
Do you collect?
 I collect a few things.
Through the years, I have collected milk glass.  
My love of milk glass started as a teen and has continued all these years.
I find milk glass everywhere...thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, 
and my friends and family have given me many gifts of pretty milk glass.
I use it all over the house...

in the kitchen
 for holding sewing supplies
 in the bath
 for flowers
and succulents:)

I love to collect dishes, too.
A few years ago, I found this cute yellow hutch at a garage sale. 
 I love the color, the details, and the petite size of it.
It was perfect for my kitchen!  
This is where I store collected kitchen items (milk glass, pyrex, etc) that I use regularly.  
Many of these items were thrifted or gifted to me:)

cute plates I found while thrifting
Something else I like to collect...
vintage flower pots
These, to me, are a very sweet memory from childhood.
My Mimi would always have several African violets growing in pretty pots.
She had an amazing green thumb and they were HUGE!
I haven't had a lot of luck with growing the violets,
 but I always think of her when I see these vintage pots.
And that's why I collect them!
(and I can usually find them for $1-$5)!
I use these flower pots for violets, houseplants, and succulents.
They scatter a little extra happiness throughout the house!
In the picture below, you can see a few of my favorite thrifted pieces...
I had been looking for a small bookcase to display my flower pots,
 and found it at a garage sale for $5!!!
It's perfect for showcasing my little collection of flower pots,
and a few other things.
I think every item on this shelf was thrifted:)
I found the bookshelf, the yellow tupperware, one of the green flower pots,
and the crocheted doily at garage sales (ALL of that was under $10)!!!
Isn't it great to take something cheap and make it charming?
I need to add a few more things like books, pictures, and art to the bookcase,
but I love the beginnings of this little vignette.
 And, I LOVE that the bookcase has the word "love" carved into the top of it!
This little collection just recently started...vintage towels.
I think they're so pretty!
I have just a few, but I am crazy about them!
Mr. Tidy was a dear and put up a retractable clothesline for me.
It's really the little things in life that make me so stinking happy.
I love the fact that I can hang my pretty towels out to dry, 
and they will have that amazing outdoor smell.

Again, these towels are very inexpensive, but they add some fun in the house:)

(a little shelf in my laundry room)
I have loved old stuff since I was a teenager.
Any old furniture that someone was throwing out...I'll take it!
In college, when I had a little extra cash, I would go straight to the thrift store.
The same was true when Mr. Tidy and I were first married.
We were on a super strict budget, and there wasn't a lot of extra cash.
 But, when I had a few extra dollars, you can guess where I'd spend it.
And I still have to budget.  With two feisty juniors, it's a necessity!
I can honestly say that I like the thrifted furniture and accessories in my house
much more than most of the new things I have.
 I really like to mix the old with the new.
I have always decorated using things I love, things that have meaning to me.
So, yes, this was a long post.
 But, I wanted to show you that you can collect or decorate
using very inexpensive items from thrift stores or garage sales.
And your house can look cozy and charming, not using much money at all!
I would love to know what you collect!
Let me hear from you:)