Wednesday, November 27, 2013

backyard inspiration

Every afternoon, I find myself outside searching for inspiration.
And lately, I have found it at our woodpile.  
The leaves nearby are spectacular!
The wood has such beautiful textures.
This time of year, I start noticing the evergreen trees a little more.
And I always find myself photographing that wheelbarrow:)
  Who doesn't adore sweet little pinecones?
What's inspiring you lately??

fall decorating

Lately, I have been decorating the house for fall.  
I love changing out colors and textures.
All those reds, oranges, and ochres are so lovely to see!
Last year, I thrifted a few Amber Hobnail glass pieces and 
decided to use them this fall season.

 This piece is beautiful all alone...
But even better with hydrangeas from our yard.
I love bringing the outdoors in!
Below, I used an Amber Hobnail serving tray with a few milk glass pieces.
I think it looks quite festive!
 How are you decorating for fall?