Monday, February 10, 2014

wintery photos

Lately, I've been taking more photos with my big camera (one of my New Year's resolutions).
I broke out my dusty dslr, and started snapping away.
Of course, I took a few on my iPhone for my Instagram:)

I wanted to make some wintery photos, and I really like how these turned out.
In the pictures below, I used many things I have found while thrifting.

I have collected these plaid scarves thorough the years, 
and just recently found the Aladdin Thermos containers.
Makes for a cute winter photo!

 I found this cast iron skillet for $2 at the thrift store.  
It is well seasoned and looks like it was very loved.
Bought that adorable syrup dispenser was at an estate sale…so cute!
Let's just say those waffles were extra tasty with those cute props.

I always love photographing pears.  Always.
Not much yummier than a warm loaf of banana bread.
I really loved taking these wintery photos.  Hope you enjoyed them!
Have a great week!!