Thursday, February 20, 2014

pretty patina

I am loving these delicate, petite flowers.
Not sure the name of them.  Do you?   
Also loving that vintage copper tray in the background, 
the old barn wood,
and that silver vase with pretty patina.

For me, photography is pretty consuming.  
I spend many hours thinking about, dreaming about, and actually taking photos.
It is a passion, for sure.  
Who knew that signing up for that summer photography course in college 
(many moon ago) would be a catalyst for this love of mine?
So thankful that I was inspired then,
and so thankful that passion is still going strong all these years later.
I love seeing the world through a lens! 

The tray and the vase was found at an estate sale years ago.
And, I found those pretty petals at my favorite grocer, Trader Joe's!