Sunday, February 23, 2014

laundry room tour

It's never-ending, isn't it?
Laundry is definitely one of my least favorite things to do.
I thought if I made my laundry room a little more cheerful, 
then maybe I would enjoy it a little more.

When we first moved in our house, the wall color was nice (a neutral beige), 
but I really wanted a brighter color.
So, I painted the walls a pretty pale blue and used browns and greens with pops of red.
There's a great skylight that makes it the brightest room in the house.

I found this adorable vintage clothespin bag at an estate sale
that helped me finalize the colors I wanted to use.
Isn't it so cute?

outside looking in...

To the right of the washer and dryer, 
there is room for a small dresser that stores household necessities:
lightbulbs, batteries, extension cords, picture hanging tools, etc.

I've had that washboard for about 20+ years.  Love.
 I recently replaced the drawer hardware with these cute ones I found at Lowes.

Milk glass holds pretty flowers and vintage clothespins.

 I found this lampshade at the thrift store for $3!
 My garden hat hangs here...

Mr. Tidy installed these two shelves that hang above the washer and dryer.

 I like to keep my small collection of vintage hand towels on this shelf.
I see them every single day and they make me smile:)
And, who doesn't love vintage Ball jars?

 Found this basket at the thrift store and it neatly stores the toilet paper.

 Mr. Tidy installed peel and stick linoleum that looks like stone.
It's very inexpensive and is so easy to use, and I think it looks just fine for now.
Thrifted this cute rug that definitely ties in all the colors in this happy little room!
I must admit, I still don't like doing laundry, 
but I feel a little more cheerful when I enter that room:)
Happy Laundering!