Wednesday, April 27, 2016

spring time blooms

It's pretty much been all garden all the time over here lately, and I'm not sad about it one bit!  
I so love this time of year to get out and plant and get my hands dirty.  
We've actually had a cool spring, which is really nice. 
My clematis was beyond gorgeous this year...

 Sometimes the wisteria doesn't bloom much, but this year it was a stunner!
 My little dogwood I planted a few years ago had some pretty blooms, too!
 Hearts in the garden sure make me happy!
 Herb garden is in bloom, too!
 Everyone should have a vintage sink full of flowers:)
 Even the Japanese Maple was showing out!
 My backyard friend named Chippy.
 I did manage to squeeze in a little thrifting.
 And….our farmer's markets opened!  Yay!!!
Happy Spring, Y'all!