Saturday, January 7, 2017

first snowfall of 2017

So, I may be a little guilty of staging items in the yard before a snowfall.
(Like this pretty twig sphere)
And, this one:)

That frog always makes me smile.

 Mildred the wheelbarrow lookin good.

 I placed my little egg bucket here in hopes in would look cute in the snow.
Pretty sure it would look cute anywhere in my backyard in any season.
 Always photographing these evergreens.  
 I always find myself at this shrub, every season, snapping away.
I think it's called a barberry bush.  It has thorns, so you don't want to touch it, 
but it sure has a lot of year round beauty to behold!
Little pine cones (love)
I think it's cool that things we may not usually notice 
(like the colors and textures on the watering can) 
are accentuated after a snowfall, begging to be noticed!

And, lastly, the holly.  
Holly looks amazing this time of year without the snow.
But, with the's just a whole new level of gorgeous!
Happy Winter, friends!
Get out there and take pictures!