Saturday, January 14, 2017

the gray days of January

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of January.  
For some reason this year, it's passing quickly.  I always struggle through this month.  
I love being outdoors in my garden, so being stuck inside on cold days is not my cup of tea.
I usually find myself creating in my studio this time of year, 
but haven't made it out there yet. 
Just not in the mood to paint lately.
Fingers crossed it happens soon.
Took this photo this week and I think captures the essence of this month.   
It's gray, it's moody, but that pop of color from the flowers gives 
us the hope that spring is right around the corner!  
Speaking of spring...we have had unusually warm temps the last few days,
so I started a little unusual for January spring cleaning.
Mr. Tidy's so happy:)
I'm enjoying the warm temps while they last because it'll be frigid again soon!
I did manage to take a break from cleaning and visit the thrift store (shocker, I know).  
I found a huge bag of old flatware for $4 and an adorable creamer and sugar set for $2.  
I thrifted that lovely ironstone tray a few weeks ago, and the vase a few months ago.  
Flowers were $3 from Trader Joes. 
This color scheme is one of my favorites.