Friday, March 17, 2017


Lately, I've enjoyed photographing some of my thrifty collections.
I've been very fortunate through the years to find copper pieces at the thrift store and at flea markets.
Something new to collect:  I've started looking for ironstone while I'm out thrifting.
It's so pretty, and I love the older pieces with crazing.
A little laundry vignette with an ironstone bowl...
Ironstone with hydrangeas...
Found this pretty pitcher and isn't it cute with tulips?!?

It's hard for me to leave a pretty vintage plate at the thrift store...
so I usually don't!  ;)
These ironstone bowls were .49 cents each!!!
I'm always looking for these three things...
vintage blue and white plates
vintage green planters
and vintage linens!
What do you love to collect?